Korean Strawberries (L) 250g

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Strawberry, strawberries, STRAWBERRIES!!

Ahh my favorite fruit! :) Korean strawberries are definitely sweeter than the Malaysian grown ones! (No offense Cameron Strawberries :P)

Fresh strawberry from Korea by il-Primo. Finally back in stock! These are famous for their sweetness and close to zilch sourness. These have a very beautiful aroma as well. Last year we sold a lot during CNY as gifts! 

Sweet and with a beautiful fragrance, the Maehwang Korean Strawberries are pretty large in size and delicious!

Keep in mind that we fly them in very regularly so if you got some that are still white-ish in color it means it's not time to consume them yet! And ALWAYS keep them in the fridge. It makes me so sad to see moldy strawberries.

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