Egypt Barhi Fresh Dates

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Fresh Barhi dates that are yellow in color. So, when you first receive them they will be very crunchy and sweet to taste with a strong dose of astringency/kip/kelat (which btw, taste amazing to me). And as you keep them, they start to turn darker and darker in color. Once it is like a orange color, it means that the astringency would have gone down a lot. And the sweetness will be high but texture is slightly softer. You can continue to keep them if you hate the astringency all together. And they will become dates that are sticky, sweet and has the soft dates texture. Weight includes their stems. We will be including some ripened ones in our orders this week! Get ready to enjoy some ripened Barhi Fresh Dates. This week our supplier is doing a special on them as they are getting too ripe for Retailers! But they are PERFECT FOR YOU! Great Pricing. Great tasting!

These fresh dates begin to ripen and turn yellow (as in photograph below and will be delivered to you as), dates are crunchy, like an apple, with a faint honey flavor. For those who do not enjoy the astringency that comes with young fresh dates, further ripening can then take place on or off the tree. At the next stage, dates turn brown and chewy and acquire the intense sweetness they are famous for. Finally, they darken even more and become dried dates.

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