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Hello Everyone!

Welcome back to another blog by Jezripe.

Today I would like to share with you our top 3 sweetest products available in store. I noticed our clients are mostly sweet tooths ;) And are always looking for the sweetest fruits available!

Top 3 Sweetest Fruits (22 Oct - 29 Oct) 

1. Imported Yellow Pitaya

So if you are a sweet tooth and have never tried this Yellow Pitaya. You are missing out! This is by far one of the sweetest fruit I have ever tried. I am the opposite of a sweet tooth... I guess I would call myself a sour monger. So, for me, this is the fruit I would least likely to eat. The seeds of the yellow pitaya is larger than the dragon fruit but totally edible and tasteless. It complements the rich texture of the dragon fruit with a enjoyable crunch. This fruit is great for those who are having constipation.

2. Fresh Barhi Dates

You must be thinking... NO WAY, these kelat/astringent things are sweet?
But... you are mistaken friend! When ripened, these are definitely one of top 2 sweetest products! How do you know when it is ripened? Quick Tip: The uglier it is, the sweeter it is! Look at the following picture...Which do you think is still edible? 


If you answered ALL are edible... You are totally RIGHT! The darkest shade of brown has a deep rich note of honey-like taste. The taste is completely without any astringency or kelat-ness. If you like a bit of crunch, once the colour has reached the third piece from the left, the kelat-ness will be completely gone. Don't believe me? Order now and insert the remark "MiniDateMe" to get a free mini pack of dates. 

3. New Zealand Gold Kiwi

These Gold Kiwi are from New Zealand. (Best place kiwis are from IMO!) Sweet and tangy, these are basically Vitamin C bombs. Starting to feel a little sniffles? Grab some gold kiwi for a quick immune boost! Great for kids too!


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