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Avocado Avocado

Hello everyone. Today I would like to share with you some thoughts on our Avocados. Our Avocados all originate from Australia. (We adhere to strictly buying only Aussie Avocados for you). So we will rarely, if ever, mix up Mexican/Other country ones with Aussie Avocados for you. In any case... if we do run out of avocado and the only ones left is not Aussie... we will give you a call and let you know about it and the new price of the Avocados.  So I'm going on and on about how I *die die also wanna sell Aussie avocados* (insist on selling Australian avocados) because Aussie avocados give the best flavours! I think it's the only one I have ever had...

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Egyptian Barhi Fresh Dates. A ripeness taste test.

Hello everyone!Fresh dates. These exotic golden yellow fruit from Egypt is new to the Malaysian market and I found that many people (myself included) had no clue how to enjoy this fruit. It has several stages of ripeness but of course, when the fruit arrives it's perfectly creamy and bright yellow. I took a huge liking to this fruit due to the astringency that came with it. But of course, I am the rare oddity that enjoys this sensation in my mouth. I was quite happy to eat these dates as they are upon arrival as it's sweet, crunchy like an apple and I figured the astringency just came with it.I learnt over some time as the fruits began to...

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Sweet Celebration from USA

Hello friends! This week we would like to recommend our delicious Sweet Celebration from USA. These red seedless grapes are meaty, crunchy and sweet! The bite is possibly as crunchy as sugar crunch and the taste is very sweet. However this variety has a small weakness. It has some trace seeds. Meaning most of the grapes are seedless but there are some with some small seeds in the middle.Grape seeds are totally edible. When bitten you get a nutty flavour full of nutrients (why else would grape seed oil exist!). So although most people find seeds a turn off... I find them exquisitely charming. Because I get that special nutty flavour when I am enjoying such a sweet and juicy...

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